Jazlyn Hancock - Sales Manager - Press Release




Amanda Disney, Director of Sales & Revenue

Timberline Hospitalities, LLC

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Timberline Hospitalities, a Wyoming owned and operated hotel company, is pleased to announce that Jazlyn Hancock has been promoted to Sales Manager, at our award-winning Holiday Inn Laramie located near the University of Wyoming.

In September 2018, Jazlyn joined the Timberline team as a Guest Services Representative at the Quality Inn & Suites University, in Fort Collins, CO. Jazlyn has a heart for hospitality and is passionate about the industry. On December 1, 2019, Jazlyn was assigned core sales responsibilities and she quickly caught on and embraced her new role.

Before joining Timberline, Jazlyn cared for young children as a nanny. She loved building relationships with young, growing families. Jazlyn immediately connected with Timberline’s Culture and Core Values of caring about people and creating outstanding experiences. Jazlyn enjoys theater, live music and practicing yoga.

Jazlyn is very excited about the opportunity to advance in sales and marketing with Timberline Hospitalities. Jazlyn has relocated from her native state of Colorado to Laramie, Wyoming. Her goal as the Sales Manager is to advance her knowledge, to drive innovative sales strategies and pursue higher levels of sales positions within the company. Jazlyn is confident she will be able to use her interpersonal and organization skills to build a strong network and achieve exceptional and consistent results. She is looking forward to learning a new market and experiencing Wyoming to its fullest extent.


Jazlyn may be contacted at 307-721-9000 or jhancock@timberlinehotels.com.



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