B-EE C-EEN Program July-September 2017


The B-EE C-EEN program was implemented throughout all of the Timberline properties.  We wanted to see what kind of magnificent things that happened within our hotels.  We used a grading scale of what the basis of culture is derived:

The 4-B’s, which are, 1. Be Fun, 2. Be Unique, 3. Be Urgent, and 4. Be Second

The 3-C’s, which are, 1. Care about People, 2. Create Outstanding Experiences, and 3. Create Profitable Hotels

All of our team-members did more than deliver, they really went out of their way to ensure that the guests were put first and made outstanding experiences. Of the more than 500 submissions, we were able to narrow it down to these four wonderful people that were extremely worthy of notation. Thank you!

Carlos from the Holiday Inn Express in Rawlins, WY

“We recently experienced a power outage. While the entire staff went into action I noticed Carlos coming down the stair wells helping a disabled guest get safely down the stairs. Carlos continued helping the guest all the way to his vehicle. Carlos pulled the guest luggage while remaining close to guest. What made Carlos stand out to me is that Carlos speaks Spanish and his English is improving. However, even though there was a language barrier, he stopped what he was doing, he noticed, he cared, and he was urgent in his actions and made sure the guest got down the stairs safely and out to his vehicle. Elevators were inoperable during the 1.5-hour power outage. The only language that mattered was caring.”

Becca from the Hampton Inn & Suites in Buffalo, WY

“Second day training- a guest staying for several days picked up a breakfast bag and said he hoped that it had an orange loaf in it. She offered to get him one, he declined. The next morning, she made him his own breakfast bag with two orange muffins in it. She continues to make sure he gets his special breakfast bag.”

Kyle from the Comfort Inn in Casper, WY

“A guest had asked if we had a hose he could use to wash his car because he had driven through some grease that a restaurant had spilled in their parking lot and road. Kyle not only delivered a hose, but also got out the power washer and helped clean the car. The guest later raved about how Kyle had gone out of his way to help them.”

April from the Hampton Inn in Rock Springs, WY

“April saw an elderly gentleman that was very sick wondering the hotel. She called emergency services and go the guest medical help.”